We’re here to help you out of the difficult situation you’ve fallen into.

When you find yourself in a bind, needing to sell quickly, Philanthropic Properties will work tirelessly to get you on your way.  Changing jobs and can’t hold on to multiple mortgages?  Laid off and can’t afford the one you currently have?  Family member passed away and you can’t take on the burden of the house?

Let us know what your situation is.  We have many programs to help you out of your predicament.  From a cash offer closing in a few days, to taking over your payments, getting you out of property tax trouble, and making your transition to a new home simpler without the worry of hidden fees and costs, we’re here to help you.  Our biggest desire is to make sure you’re happy and out of a distressing situation.

Quick Closing

We have many options to get you cash quickly. From hard money deals which can close in just a few days, to the so called “subject to” closings, we can help you find your way into the next chapter of your life.

Hard Money
Hard money is expensive, but fast. With our contacts in the hard money realm, we’re able to get you cash for your home in as little as three days. You need money for the down payment on your new home, and we’re eager to get you there. This is the ultimate in speed.

Subject To
Often called “subject to” offers, in layman’s terms we’re taking over the payments for your home. Sometimes this means we also catch you up on your existing mortgage and bring you back from the brink of foreclosure. In a nutshell, you sign over the title to us, and you’re out of debt with a bit of cash in your pocket to help you get into a new home.

The Bottom Line
We’re here to help. Everyone has a story, and not every lender is willing or able to help. We’d like to help you find the right solution. In addition, for every successful deal, we plant 100 trees. Ask us about the program.