Helping you find your way home.
Welcome to Philanthropic Properties.  Whether you’re buying, selling, or just trying to keep your head above water, we’d like to help you.  Finding clever and innovative ways to work with you is our driving force. Philanthropic Properties knows not only the current market, but upcoming projects and future opportunities. With Philanthropic Properties, you have more options for coming out on top.

Buying a Home

Our team is familiar and experienced with multiple forms of home buying. The traditional mortgage is fine if you fit inside the box the banks have for you. There are other ways to get a loan.

Wrap Loans
If we’ve bought a home “Subject to”, we can wrap a new loan around it to a new buyer who may not have great credit, but does have the ability to pay back a mortgage, although the overbearing rules of traditional lending don’t allow your bank to give you a loan. We, as a small lender, can take a careful look at your situation with real, human eyes, and use compassion to understand your situation and get you into a home.

Sometimes the Dodd-Frank 43% stranglehold is unreasonable. As an example, you’re a professional with an income of $300,000 annually, but you have a divorce or two with alimony, a bankruptcy, business debt for your practice, and you end up spending $135,000 a year on those things. With an effective tax rate of around 30% in this example, you have $75,000 a year to spend on things like vacations, private school for the kids, a boat, a race car, or even a new home. You’re able to pay, but a bank isn’t allowed to help you. We can help you with a wrap loan on a deal we procured for you.

Owner Financing
You run your own business. You have a nice down payment saved up. Your income is mostly cash, or 1099, so you have a hard time getting a traditional mortgage.

We’re here to help. If you have a strong down payment and a demonstrable and reliable income, we can help set you up with a payment plan, just like you went to a bank, but without the hassle. Our servicing companies can handle the automatic payments to help keep you on time and improve your credit. Let us help you find your way home.

The Bottom Line
We’re here to help. Everyone has a story, and not every lender is willing or able to help. We’d like to help you find the right solution. In addition, for every successful deal, we plant 100 trees. Ask us about the program.